How do I pay for my anaesthetic?

Southampton Anaesthetists Services is a partnership in which individual professionals set their own fees for anaesthetic procedures. We bill our patients according to Voluntary Code of Practice for Billing Private Patients published by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland.

Private Insurance

Some private medical insurance companies publish a schedule that determines the level of reimbursement that they offer to their customers for any given anaesthetic procedure. The companies do not determine the anaesthetic fee itself.

There are variations in the level of reimbursement offered by different insurers and also between different policies offered by the same insurer, so it may be that your private medical insurer will not cover the entire anaesthetic bill. In the event that your insurer does not cover the full fee, you will be required to pay the difference, or "shortfall".


Before your procedure, you will receive an estimate from us of the expected maximum anaesthetic fee. The subsequent invoice may alter depending on the surgery and anaesthetic performed. It is, however, the maximum that you will be billed if you have the original planned procedure.

Many private medical insurance companies cover the majority of our fees, but you are advised to check whether this is the case in advance. Over many years our fees have increased by the rate of inflation or less each year but some insurers have not increased the benefit that they provide to you.

You can always contact the office for more detailed fee information.